We hope that you really enjoy your visit to the Electric Circus but if you experience a problem please contact dennis@theelectriccircus.biz

Terms and conditions are by definition strict and tough. The Electric Circus is all about fun, most people have loads of fun; these terms and conditions are seldom employed (most never!) but necessary in case.

So if you really enjoy your experience or have recommendations we would love to hear your comments, they give us a buzz. Again please contact dennis@theelectriccircus.biz.


Normally these are included free in your room booking rate. Occasionally the Circus main area is hired by outside organisations and this is not possible for part of the night. These do not affect the operation of the rooms and on such rare occasions you will be advised in advance and you have the option to cancel obviously. These outside main area bookings are usually booked many weeks ahead so we can usually advise you on booking.


We can hire these private rooms to any mix of over or under 18s. Obviously under 18s cannot drink alcohol on any part of the premises or in the room. In rooms with mixed ages, over 18s cannot by law give under 18s any alcohol. None. Not wine, nothing, the 2005 act says so.


We have CCTV cameras in every room and they are linked to our tills and video recording equipment. These help settle any dispute and ensure both staff and customers behave appropriately. We do charge for damage to our equipment, if you have problems please ask our trained waiting staff. Abuse of any of the room kit will be charged to your card. See damage cost list below.

Microphone – £100

Mixer Unit – £75

Seating cuts, stiletto holes in fabric – £100

Touchscreen – £250

Television monitor – £250


We ask you to arrive at the Electric Circus 10 minutes before your booking (or earlier as we have a fabulous main bar). We cannot guarantee entry to our room if you arrive later. If you are late arriving and then entering your room, you will lose time from your booking. You cannot carry over. If we are late admitting you, we shall add time to make it up to you, or reduce the bill if it is impossible for us to do so. The deduction will be pro rata to the time lost.


You cannot bring alcohol into the promises or into your karaoke room. If you bring in alcohol, the booking will be cancelled, the deposit forfeit and the full room hire charge made against your card.  You can leave alcohol in our cloakroom on arrival, and it will be returned to you on departure.


Without a deposit your room is not guaranteed. We have a £25 deposit on most rooms, £50 on the Lizard Lounge and dance and cocktail classes. It can be refunded to the payer or taken from the bill on the night, your choice. Please advise your waiter on the night and check your receipt.


On most rooms you can cancel your booking with at least 48 hours notice before the actual booking for a full refund of the deposit/full balance – whichever you have paid. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to move your booking to a future date instead.

Cancellation in this 48 hours will mean loss of deposit. The Lizard Lounge can only be cancelled 7 days from the booking date, any later then the deposit is lost. The same applies to Dance and Mixology classes.

If a room is booked and deposit paid, we will charge the full agreed room hire rate or booked package rate if the group does not show up for that booking. By booking you agree to this condition and those below.

Cancellation within the last 24 hours before a booking qualifies as a no show and there will be a charge of 50% of the room hire or booked package.

We allocate and hold rooms in good faith, often for many weeks and months. We are happy to cancel in exceptional circumstances but no contact whatsoever is unfair. We have only had to charge twice in four years because we try to help in all reasonable situations.